Oil and Gas Projects

Specific Areas of Expertise

  • All aspects of water-soluble polymers, including polymer flooding, rheology and field measurement methods.
  • Chemical methods of conformance control.
  • Chemically enhanced oil recovery.
  • Design and operation of lab equipment suitable for high temperature, sour gas wells.
  • Design and development of acid stimulation treatments for newly developed and mature reservoirs.
  • Chemical additives used in acid stimulation and fracturing treatments.
  • Development and application of chemical measurement techniques for lab and field use.
  • Theory and techniques to measure acid reaction rates of reservoir rocks and minerals using the rotating disk instrument.
  • Scaling predictions using SOLMINEQ.
  • More than 30 publications including 5 chapters in technical books.

Specific Projects

  • Screened Alberta oil reservoirs for surfactant and polymer enhanced alkaline flooding, including David Lloydminster, Wainwright Sparky, Illerbrun, Chauvin, Sibbald and Taber fields.
  • Waterflood and chemical improved oil recovery evaluation for the Pembina Bear Lake unit, Alberta, Canada.
  • Key member of the team that developed and implemented the first successful acid treatment program in the Shaybah field.
  • Evaluated acid stimulation treatments and developed treatment guidelines in the Ghawar field (Shedgum, Hawiyah, Haradh, Uthmaniyah).  Work led to reduced well damage during acidizing treatments.
  • Evaluated and improved acidizing treatments of seawater injection wells in the Ghawar field.
  • Developed lab techniques for evaluation of proppants for gas well fracture treatment, primarily in the Khuff and Jauf gas reservoirs.
  • Planned, purchased and set up high pressure, high temperature equipment for evaluation of formation damage in Khuff gas wells.  Trained technicians on equipment.
  • Purchased and successfully set up rotating disk equipment for measurement of acid reaction rates in Khuff gas reservoir.  Trained technicians on equipment.
  • Evaluated chemical sand consolidation treatment in Haradh field.
  • Evaluated water shutoff techniques for use in Ghawar field.
  • Extensive involvement with equipping new lab facilities at the Saudi Aramco R&D Center.